Can Anyone Play the Drums?

Can anyone play drums

The question whether anyone can play the drum is common within musical circles. It is one that elicits debate in the industry. Drumming has been in existence for thousands of years with some theorists arguing that it is for specific people as others argue that it can be done by everyone. The musical instrument has numerous types with some played by hand and others by drumsticks.

Finding the answer to whether anyone can play the drum, however, demands an in-depth look at the purpose of drumming, the musical background of the drummer and the type of drum. Drumming for leisure or fun is easy and can be done by almost anyone with or without a musical background. If the context is playing the drum for fun, then, anyone can play. However, some people experience challenges during their first time playing drums, while others play it as though it were an inborn talent.

I wouldn’t consider my 14-year old son musically talented in any way, but I got him the best electronic drum set I could find as a Christmas present in 2016 and thanks to the learning modules on it, he’s gotten fairly good by now. He’s playing along to some fairly popular rock songs and it just sounds right!

Looking at the musical background of the drummer, the question receives a different response. A person with a background in music is more likely to play drums better than a person without any idea on drumming. The reason is that the person with some musical background understands something about beats, rhythm, notes and melody. On the other hand, the person without any musical experience lacks any experience or information about drumming. For those who negate the question, the drum cannot be played by anyone. It must be individuals with some musical background or knowledge. While this argument holds true, some individuals without any drumming or musical knowledge can still play the tunes on a drum with astonishing precision. For such people, drumming flows out of them like a life source.

The last response to whether anyone can play the drum focuses on the type of drum. Some drums are played by hand, others use drumsticks, while others use both drumsticks and feet. An individual given an overturned bucket as a makeshift drum can easily use it to play. Another individual may use a table top and spoons as improvised drum and drumsticks respectively and still play. Such an individual, if given a drum, may do an okay job, thus by all intents and purposes can be said to play the drum. However, if given a complete drum set, the drumming society would rise in objection and uproar at the person’s inability to play the drum.

The question whether anyone can play is therefore affirmative. Anyone can play the drum. The only question is how well they can do it. Are they likely to produce beautiful music or a far-fetched resemblance? Of course, it is harder for some people to play the drum than it for others, but it is certainly not impossible. However, drumming is an interesting yet complex experience as it demands a flow of the body, mind, and music. It is a skill whose mastery calls for intense practice, focus, and commitment. It is almost impossible to become an excellent drummer overnight but is certainly possible to learn over time. Despite the answer that anyone can play drums, not everyone can play it well.

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